Active participation in the air cargo market allowed our specialists to thoroughly study the basics of international air transportation and apply innovative logistic schemes in their work to optimize customers' expenses.

For guaranteed comfort in working with us, a full range of services related directly to air transportation, as well as related services such as insurance, customs clearance, temporary storage of goods, additional packaging and labeling of goods, are organized.

When ordering from us the services of international cargo delivery by plane, you get 5 inextricably linked components of a successful transaction:

Sending speed - we erase distances
Cargo safety is paramount
Reliability of information about the location of goods during transportation
Full transaction support - world class service
Loyal fares for air transportation services
Closely established connections throughout the world: in North and South America, in Europe and Asia, in Australia and Africa, allow air transportation, regardless of the distance. In cases where it is not possible to deliver the goods only by air, we provide services for multimodal delivery of goods.


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